Our Premium Virgin Hair Collection

BKS privé is meticulously crafted with hand-selected and unprocessed healthy virgin human hair. This prized collection provides all the comfort, natural sheen and long-lasting performance to elevate your beauty experience.

Our Steam-textured Hair Collection

BKS is our high-performance meets versatility collection. Handled with great care and designed with an innovative technology, this selection of steam-textured virgin human hair offers an extensive variety of textures and colours to fit every mood and lifestyle.

Here at Bakoh Studio, we want to provide you with the best beauty experience possible. Since we only use real human hair to design our extensions, we believe this experience begins with the journey of our hair. In an opaque and heavily unregulated industry, we think human hair is a luxury. So we have a responsibility to inform you and a duty to make sure that our products are not created at the expense of anybody.

From Indian Temples To Our Studio

Bakoh Studio is committed to ethical sourcing. We only use natural hair from Indian Hindu temples. According to religious beliefs, pilgrims offer their hair as an act of faith. This offering is a way to give thanks and show their devotion to their Gods but also a means to support their community by sacrificing a part of themselves they take great pride in.

Through the revenue generated by selling hair, temples can provide charitable services such as refuge, food, education and more. By sourcing there, we can ensure that our brand has a genuine social benefit but more importantly that the donors are consenting, treated with respect and do not go through any forcible procedures or coerced in any way. It also guarantees that the hair is handled with the utmost care until it gets to our studio. Only then, we can go ahead and develop products that are qualitative. Products you can rock with confidence, have fun with and be proud of!

From Our Studio To Your Closet

Every Bakoh Studio collection is released with you and your lifestyle in mind. Our human hair extensions are comfortable to wear and easy to style or custom. We offer high performing solutions because we believe you should not compromise on the quality of the hair you wear. You should not be limited with what you can do either. That’s also why our hair is ethically sourced. Knowing precisely where our hair comes from, being able to check with our suppliers and partners how it is handled, is just making sure we are deserving of your trust and that our vision and values never get lost in the way.