Allô, Bakoh?

Bakoh Studio is unable to take your call at the moment.
Please, leave a message and we’ll get back to you shortly… *beep*

How dare we leave you hanging, you say ?!

We hear you loud and clear but here’s a little secret to set the record straight… We love the sound of getting to know you more! And since our core essence is outlining what your desires are made of, it was only natural to make it the point of this first launch campaign.

As our anticipation is building, “Allô, Bakoh Studio” sounds like a rallying cry.

It means that no matter where you hail from, you won’t ever need to lower your tone when you are riding with us. Bakoh Studio is for the ones who don’t need boxes to fit in. Those who don’t need labels to express themselves. To hell with shying away from what you really wish for, because we sure want you to get it! Flood us with your expectations: our space is meant for you.

allô, Bakoh ?

allô, Bakoh ?

A.D & Production MOTEMA
Photographer Thai Hibbert
Stylist Morgan Hall
Make up artist Michelle Leandra
Hair Stylist Lashan Wilson-Barrett
Models Mutsa, Malkia, Estelle, Ophélie