Axel, Jay & Hans.

The studio

Bakoh Studio* is home to those who are eager to express their uncompromised truths. More than a beauty brand, we embrace every facet of your identities. Our vision is rooted in a distinctive approach to creativity, lifestyle and black cultures.

Based between Abidjan, Paris and London, Bakoh Studio was born out of an ambition to cherish and meet the ever-evolving aspirations of the modern black woman. We love creating products and experiences that have a genuine impact on our community. It means understanding the importance of ethical sourcing in our supply chain, sparking out conversations in West Africa and the diaspora and teaming up with local artists, craftsmen or upcoming designers. And above all, we are keen to provide well-thought and bespoke care.

* \ba.ko\ means beyond the river in Dioula — which was a common trade language across Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso. The term often refers to Africans living on the other side of the Mediterranean. And for Bakoh Studio, it’s a subtle nod to the diaspora beyond rivers.

Who we are

Bakoh Studio is the brainchild of Jay, Hans and Axel Djourou. In the midst of a pandemic that was turning the world upside down, the three siblings joined forces between Paris, Abidjan and London. The idea was to co-found a brand that would give a fresh take on beauty and lifestyle. Bakoh Studio explores the dynamics and rituals that drive these two spheres in black cultures. This tightly knit team benefits from particularly rich and contrasting careers.

Jay has been an entrepreneur for quite some time. A certified hair stylist and MUA, she brings valuable insights straight from the salon. And as Bakoh Studio’s technical manager, she supervises every aspect of product development and is always on the lookout for new trends and techniques. In the eyes of her brothers, it’s her daring and curious approach of anything glam that turned her into the #1 muse for Bakoh Studio.

Hans is the Creative Director. His 10+ years as a visual merchandising manager for several luxury brands in the main fashion capitals, made him a pro at defining aesthetics.

As for Axel, he is the brand’s CEO coming up with innovative incentives. He now dedicates his international experience in multi-billion financial technology companies to make this project flourish.